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Start the Chinese or the domestic carbon market by 2014 /// FrFRy-China

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China will likely start no later than 2014 domestic carbon emissions trading market, and for Chinese companies to set up a "semi-mandatory" (half-mandatory) 的 targets to limit their greenhouse gas emissions. National Energy Research Institute, deputy director of CDM project management Feng Sheng waves on May 27 interview with the media in Cologne, Germany, made the statements.

Feng Sheng Bo said the government is drafting rules to develop the carbon market; carbon market will be under the supervision of the government by the "related units" (associations, which means carbon exchange) to run. "The government does not directly control the market. But if the unit developed a misguided policy, the Government will make a guide."

Feng said that the Government may every dollar of profits for Chinese companies to limit carbon emissions. "I do not think that those goals will be high, but if they are too loose, we can make changes."

Feng Sheng Bo said, in order to help these companies achieve targets, companies can reduce emissions, industrial or urban self-reduction of carbon intensity, the purchase of carbon offset credits (to balance the carbon emissions). He added that initially, only the Chinese companies will be allowed to trade in the carbon market.

But Von did not specify the companies involved in the carbon market, voluntary or mandatory emissions reduction.

International environmental organization Greenpeace (China), Climate and Energy Project Manager, both Yang on May 30 on the newspaper, said more may be caused by a large central enterprises (such as the five major power groups) to participate in the carbon market, for small-scale pilot.

Both Yang said the Chinese Government's efforts by Greenpeace to try the carbon trading market welcomed. First carbon trading within a certain range, can help China in the future to assume a greater responsibility to prepare mitigation.

National Development and Reform Commission earlier this year during two sessions that are working on guidance for a low carbon economy, and consider a number of specific industries and regions small-scale carbon trading pilot. Sources revealed that the power, oil and chemical industries and other industries more likely selected.

Huang Jiefu, vice president of the Chicago Climate Exchange on May 30 newspaper was also introduced from the international carbon market development experience, both the European Union or the United States, carbon emissions are from large electric power industry to find a breakthrough.

EU 90 in the last century trying to launch from the electric power sector carbon trading, first select the appropriate power plant started several simulated trading, and gradually improve the trading rules. To January 2005, the EU carbon emissions trading system in EU-ETS began formal trading.

Northeastern United States in 10 states in the state government level, but also the power industry's carbon emissions trading as a breakthrough in the establishment of a regional carbon trading market RGGI. Voluntarily join the participating enterprises, including the largest U.S. power plant American Electric Power (AEP). Transactions carried out so far, the auction more than 580 million U.S. dollars of total revenue. Latest emissions auction will be conducted this year on June 9.

At this point, the electric power industry is in turmoil, a new round of emission reduction. Following the completion of the "Eleventh Five-Year" shutting down 50 million kilowatts of small thermal power missions, the National Energy Board requirements "determined to ensure the third quarter of this year completed before shutting down 10 million kilowatts of small thermal power of the target."

Huang Jiefu told this newspaper that, unlike the United States and Europe, China De electricity companies start carbon-trading past, coal, electricity, natural gas and oil, the market actually trading Huan Meiyouchuxian. Therefore, the transaction itself, but also a large number of capacity-building.

"Transactions of the ultimate aim is to enable enterprises (including power companies) to 45% of the lowest cost (carbon intensity) indicators." Huang Jiefu said.

Interview the market responded positively to this news. Shanghai Environment and Energy Exchange, Hui Bin, head of research said to the newspaper, whether to start the domestic carbon market will depend on the national policy considerations; and exchanges, and trading system from a technology a complete ready to do a good job.

Carbon Consultancy Company Beijing Yi Cheng Lin Wei, general manager of CIGNA, said the news of the domestic launch carbon trading is not unexpected, is "imperative" to do.

The Development and Reform Commission by the energy system and energy market analysis director Jiang says to the newspaper said, to establish (sufficient) domestic carbon market is not easy, provided that "should (Emission) total control", now "wants to become a domestic (carbon credits) seller, but not (appropriate) the buyer. "

Says Jiang said, adding that energy is currently studying how to carry out industry-wide emission reduction (including the power industry), to promote industry emissions (carbon credits generated) to enter the international carbon market.

Feng Sheng Bo said that day: "From the government point of view, the absolute emission reduction at this stage of China, is unrealistic." November 26 last year, China formally announced the action to control greenhouse gas emissions targets, decided in 2020 carbon dioxide emissions per unit of GDP than in 2005 40% -45% decline.

Both Yang also think that the domestic carbon trading pilot launch more of a big order to clarify the carbon emissions statistics, enhance the internal, the greenhouse gas measurement, statistical analysis and verification of capacity-building; while the carbon market "semi-mandatory" nature is likely to means that no punitive measures, which will result in reduction of its short-term nor will it form a real push.

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